Wishing you the best this season~ skitrz

As the holidays are knocking at the door, and you rush hither and thither, preparing for all those special events, don’t forget to slow down occasionally and enjoy, really enjoy all that’s special in your life.

Friends, family, yo-yoing of course, and all those that support you in so many ways; hold them close to your heart in the years to come and look ever forward to all that is good and genuine.

I’m sending you all my warmest wishes and regards, to you and all that you hold dear. May life be good to you and you, good to others.

Happy Holidays! May joy, health and love find you always.

Warmest regards,


Thank you! You too, skitrz. Have a great Christmas =)


Looks like a great Christmas! Let the snow keep coming!!!


I want snow to come in NH!

Thanks have a great holiday skirtz!

Back at ya, skirtz!

I hope your day started off wonderfully, surrounded by family and friends. Have a great day!

Merry Christmas!

Time to go throw my new Cascade, such a wonderful blue.