Ok let’s say you meet a genie and you only have three wishes. you can’t wish for more wishes or more genies. What do you wish for? I’ll start us off

  1. to be a timelord

  2. to have a robot that cleans my room and does my homework

  3. to have my own signature yoyo a g5 with a twisted trifecta bearing and monkey snot silicone bead blasted finish painted white with flat black z stacks made in the usa

Nice idea :slight_smile:

  1. Super speed

  2. Extreme yoyo skills

  3. A perfect yoyo

humble wishes (well sorta)

1: to live in a house or 2 bedroom apt instead of a 1 bedroom apt sharing a bedroom with both parents ( :frowning: )
2: to be as good a yoyoer as augie fash or jensen kimmit
3: to have a wallet with infinite $$$

1: Real Opportunities for a future career. I don’t want money just thrown at me, but a good and steady career that I enjoy to make what I need.

2: Opportunities for my friends. So many in bad situations and need real help, stuff working out for them.

3: Ideas for fundraising. To be able to support the things I support and want to donate money to. Think of something good and you can get quite a bit for the causes you want.

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