Will Trade For Delrin


Hey, I got a pretty rare metal for trade. A Cyclotron Red Madness edition. Has a couple scuffs but nothing that affects the play. NO VIBE. Ceramic AIGR Bearing in use. I can also sell this for about 50 40 bucks (make me a deal) but Im more willing to trade. So if you got a Ronin, or a milk or a gung fu or something PM me. They don’t have to be mint. I can deal with some vibe and the yoyo can actually be pretty beat up, but if anything affects the play then that will be a problem.

P.S. Really sorry there’s no pictures its just that my camera isn’t deciding to work right now so yeah. Make me an offer. ;D


Any other things to trade?


Psh I don’t think you’ll want any of what I got but a First-Run X-con, Speed Dial and a Red and Black Mini Motrixx, But I do have money that I could trade with the Cyclo but thats about it.

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Since when did they make ceramic AIGR’s??? :o :o :o


Well I don’t know but It’s definitely not stainless steel. And I got it in a trade from somebody that said it was an AIGR bearing soooo…


Come on guys Im really looking for a Delrin, Your getting a good deal. Ill even throw in 20 bucks in the trade, remember it doesn’t have to be mint.
P.S price drop.

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If they dont make ceramics its stainless steel…


No but I can tell its not stainless steel. It has all the qualities of a Ceramic bearing. w/e Back on topic.




bump goes the weasel

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ummm eat crail




I’m thinkin the same thing as you man, I need to get myself a delrin yoyo. except im lookin to buy one, not trade for one… Yeaaaa so I guess I am usless then.


Yeah kinda…





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heyy ummm BUMP

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