Will Trade For Delrin

Hey, I got a pretty rare metal for trade. A Cyclotron Red Madness edition. Has a couple scuffs but nothing that affects the play. NO VIBE. Ceramic AIGR Bearing in use. I can also sell this for about 50 40 bucks (make me a deal) but Im more willing to trade. So if you got a Ronin, or a milk or a gung fu or something PM me. They don’t have to be mint. I can deal with some vibe and the yoyo can actually be pretty beat up, but if anything affects the play then that will be a problem.

P.S. Really sorry there’s no pictures its just that my camera isn’t deciding to work right now so yeah. Make me an offer. ;D

Any other things to trade?

Psh I don’t think you’ll want any of what I got but a First-Run X-con, Speed Dial and a Red and Black Mini Motrixx, But I do have money that I could trade with the Cyclo but thats about it.

Since when did they make ceramic AIGR’s??? :o :o :o

Well I don’t know but It’s definitely not stainless steel. And I got it in a trade from somebody that said it was an AIGR bearing soooo…

Come on guys Im really looking for a Delrin, Your getting a good deal. Ill even throw in 20 bucks in the trade, remember it doesn’t have to be mint.
P.S price drop.

If they dont make ceramics its stainless steel…

No but I can tell its not stainless steel. It has all the qualities of a Ceramic bearing. w/e Back on topic.


bump goes the weasel

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I’m thinkin the same thing as you man, I need to get myself a delrin yoyo. except im lookin to buy one, not trade for one… Yeaaaa so I guess I am usless then.

Yeah kinda…



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