Will there be a Mid Atlantic Regionals this year?

Will there be a Mid Atlantic Regionals this year?
and if there will be one, when will it be announced for what days it will be?
I really want to go. Its the closest to my house.

I don’t think so. It was run by YoYoJoe’s, which is now out of business. :’(

no I think its still being run I saw them at VA states in January.

Ill look into yoyojoes.

If mid atlantic reagionals is cancelled, what is the next closest contest the the middle of New jersey area?

Yoyojoes is gone. :’(

But, I have heard that Samm Scott, organizer of VA States, is interested in taking it over. So it could be in Richmond this year. But its either VA States or MAR I heard.

Yes, and Joe Mitchell will be running it again.

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Really!?!? Where’d you get this info? Any other details yet?


seriously? I must know if it’s close to MA I’m in!

Ummm, Steve Brown generally knows the inside scoop on stuff. :wink:

That’s true.