Why do people make useless posts and comments (i know i am being a hippoctite)? I want to know people.

simple: because people are stupid, and have no self control

i agree with you 100% that its just unnecessary

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I think I’m looking at a useless topic right now Cough Cough
Sorry if that was mean, i agree with Tyler

I do it when I’m bored :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, this is why:

Alot of people just post when their bored… It takes up time and they dont think about what their posting… The just do it…

I think people feel like posting useless stuff when they are bored. They should go to another forum, the unrelated section or just yoyo instead. But things like that will always be there, you can’t do too much about it. If you think it goes overboard, just report it.

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strictly out of boredom

i didnt think i would get get so many posts. But everyone here (almost all probally) has a yoyo come on everyone pick up that yoyo next to your key board and become un-bored.

For me just for fun. (Yeah, Because I do know that when i post so, I assure it that no one will gonna be hurt.) :smiley:

But I don’t know to other people here in the Forum. :wink:

Boredom hurts… that’s why there’s a lot of useless posts.

many people make useless posts so that they can feel like a part of this forum. and insteaad of reasercching the subject and giving a good anser, they just try and controal the topic by making the most posts

I make some useless posts, and when I saw this thread, I decided not to post in it after thinking for a quite bit.

I looked back at some of my first posts, and as I started to try to use correct grammar, I got use to how the forum works, and started to try to make useless posts, but have an answer with them.


I said “lol…” to Samad’s funny post, but answered the question of the thread.
I try to do that whenever I can. If everyone always tried to do this, I think “useless posts” are ok, as long as they have an answer along with them.