Whos your Favorite Non-Sponsored Player on Youtube?

Okay, I know there was another thread Similar to this one, but in this one, its Whos your Favorite Non-Sponsored YoYoer on Youtube. So it cant be anybody whos Sponsored, or Pro. Im just gonna put a list of their user names in the Poll and just vote for fun. At the end of the week Ill gather up the votes to see whos got the most votes. So if your fav thrower is up here, be sure to vote. As you guys know there are Hundreds of non-Sponsored Throwers I could name, and wont be able to name them all. But if yours is not up there, PM me or reply their Youtube User Names, and ill add them. Remember this is just for fun. :wink:

i voted 5adude…but i thought brett was sponsered???

Didnt you hear? He Quit One Drop. Thats why hes got a lot of new videos with him using CLYW. :wink:

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I’m pretty sure Evan is on YYF.


He told me he is not yet Officially on the Team. They are waiting until he places High in a Contest until they officially welcome him in. Thats why no matter how good his YoYo Videos are even if he uses all YYF YoYos (Like he always does) they never post it on the YYF Website.

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The lack of many non sponsored yoyoers on youtube with even crazier skill then many of the guys and girls on the list disturbs me…

ibanezcollector is sponsored.

No he’s not.

I see a definite lack of mr.matio… just sayin’.

geez man read the post before you

I don’t lke this list. lol

but out of all of these, my favorite would be meowlcolm,


What? I did read the post and ibanezcollector is sponsored. Make a little more sense please.

he is not sponsored.he says he quit in one one of his vlogs plus in his tutorials he never has a onedrop sign up any more

o rly?

Yup. I read that. I didn’t say he was sponsored by One Drop. I just said he was sponsored.

Skip ahead to 2:35.

Don’t assume you know what you’re talking about.

sponsered by string doesnt count  :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does it say that?

Guys he is sponsored by OneDrop and Gator Floss. :stuck_out_tongue: