Whole box For 89 $

And Everything Shipped Quit Yoyoing Thay all need lube
skyline is done
you will get a
Tyler severance super nova light
a Nova
thick lube alot of string silacone cws all kinds of parts
if you dont want the whole box what do u want and name ur price plz keep in mind i have to ship

is all of this 89

Sorry for the if this is inconvenient but please tell me the price and condition for each one

Posted and last edited on September 9. I imagine it sold right quick, and he never bothered coming back here because he quit yoyoing. :wink:

How much for the nova supernova and the dv888

Do you ship to nz for free

New zealand

Come on people. This is in the “archived trades” section, he didn’t bump the thread since September 2012, and I even commented in November of last year that this thread is done. What the heck?

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