Who likes my YYE wall display ?

And yes when this is done it will be going in


Stick it click it send it

Very cool!

wheres the beef!?

I’ve got that same shelf thing, it’s great for holding yoyos ;).

Got some throws in the mail that are specifically for the display

Don’t wanna fill it up till I’m ready

Thats Awesome!

Thanks Eric !

Very cool!

way cool…

I need another YYE sticker for the center cube

I don’t like the look of the YYF sticker there

uh…how is that mounted to the wall?? :slight_smile: You’re not using the back plates with the holes cut in…

Send us an email, i’m sure we can arrange to send out a sticker or two for a good cause!

I am using the screw set thing it comes with

But they’re covered by all the YYE sticker inserts

I have been looking around for a wall display, where do you get this?

Ah Nvm, I found it!