Who is your favorite reviewer?

I’m honored! Funny, because my list is @TSAF @Roy_Dodge and @ThatFlippinGuy


Thanks! I’m of course planning on doing more reviews but writing a script this detailed and keeping the video entertaining is proving to be more time consuming than i thought!


For me, Brandon Vu.
He really has the skill to back up what he’s talking about.

I know y’all are probably tired of hearing me go on about horizontal play and such, but it bothers a little me when someone is reviewing a yo-yo, and I realize that they probably have not tried anything in the way of harder material.

And I know not every yo-yo is meant for horizontal and speed, many of the organics are meant to feel good on more basic tricks. And this goes well with the collectors who usually buy them.

But I feel like if you’re going to review lots of yoyos, you should have at least ONE horizontal combo, one speed combo, one flow, one tech, etc. Essentially, be able to cover the basic range of tricks, at some level.

If a yo-yo is bad for speed, I want the review to be able to say “this yo-yo is bad for speed combos, and I know because I tried it”.

And inversely, if a yo-yo is good for horizontal, it would be great if the reviewer talks from experience, rather than saying “yeah, it looks like it would be good for horizontal tricks”.

For me, Brandon Vu does an EXCELLENT job of this.
I know I will probably never match his material, but I hope that one day my reviews can approach that higher level of quality.


Definitely yoyojoe1. I don’t like Dylan kowalski for some reason his way of reviewing doesn’t fit me

@Mazdarx7FD has a structured list of things that he covers for every yoyo review. I find that structure and consistency is very valuable when watching different reviews by the same person.


Me too! And he’s becoming like Casey Neistat Jr, I love it.

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I think this is important in reviews. Nothing bothers me more than someone saying a yoyo is “great for speed, tech, slack etc” and then just watching them do skin the gerbil.

I would also like to see a review that wasn’t 100% positive. I’ve rarely thrown a yoyo that I would say 100% positive things about, but it seems like every reviewer out there just gushes over how much the love the free yoyo they got. Without any sort of constructive criticism a review is just praise, not a useful review for anyone.


You said what I was not brave enough to :joy:

I’ve seen exactly what you’re taking about many times.


I think yoyojoe does a great job of not doing this. Usually he has at least a few cons about the yoyo. And he is also an incredible player and is able to tell you how well the yoyo plays for wips, slacks, speed, tech, etc.


I’ve been really enjoying Yap! Yo-yo lately. He’s smaller then most of the others but I did his vibe and his reviews are interesting and fun to watch. I think his camera setup shows details better then Most


I’m a big Brandon Vu fan but his later reviews were more cursory and were simply first impressions. He’d unbox the yoyo, toss it around and then pass judgement on the spot. His later reviews were definitely less detailed and nuanced. I wish he’d spend a bit more time (at least a few days) throwing the yoyo to confirm his opinions on things. In his defense, he’s moved away from reviews to focus more on competing and generating content to promote his Offset yoyo brand which is still adding a ton to the yoyo community. I really like his podcast interviews.

@Roy_Dodge and @nightshadow spend more time with the yoyos and their reviews and it shows.

@Mazdarx7FD is by far the best. Skilled enough to stress yoyos at a competition level and gives and extremely detailed analysis and comparison with other yoyos.


I totally agree with this. It’s hard for me to get excited to see someone get a free yoyo and then slobber how great and awesome it is and you should go buy it! When I hear “Thanks to X company for generously sending me this yoyo!” this absolutely does not scream I’m going to impartiality critique this. I know this is how things are done, but a simple disclaimer, saying I did not pay for this yoyo is enough.

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Nate Martsolf Best


Yoyojoe1 for me, he goes into depth really well.


For me, the voids left by Highspeedyoyo and Sniffyyo have not been filled.


Me! He always likes and dislikes the same yoyos. It’s very convenient.

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Just found this guy on Youtube, he just has a couple of reviews out but I’d say they’re some of the best I’ve seen. He divides the yoyo analisys in detailed categories and rates them. I also like the POV he uses for show how the yoyo plays, and he got skills.


Thanks I haven’t seen this guy, but seriously after watching some of his reviews I’m really happy I found him. Hopefully he continues with the reviews and grows.

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