Who has the best unboxing videos?


I wanna lust over some new yoyos. Who has the best vids on YouTube?


Here are mine:


Enjoy. Not your typical unboxing videos. One is not an unboxing video.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

theres a such thing as a “best” unboxing video?


How great can an unboxing video really be? xD

If you will extend that to video reviews, I thought Haru’s video review of the Lunar Wind was awesome, it convinced me to get one and now it’s my main throw ;D


I didn’t say “great”. But yea, there are terrible ones. I want not so terrible ones.


Oh, then by all means, don’t watch mine. They suck!

Whatever you do, do not watch this one:


DANNNNNG! Who was the choreographer for that? lmao


Here are two of mine.


Chicano and live translation style unboxings i did a few months ago…




Check out yoyodiscussion


I second this.