White Walls


Just another intput. Not a big deal again, but I noticed something. The sides of yoyoexpert keep turning white. You know the background picture that’s always there. The Sides are white. Here’s a picture of it:


So this is still happening. anyone know why? or if this can be helped. It’s starting to mess with me. Though it’s bad enough to get me off yye or anything. I LOVE IT HERE!!! :smiley:


Not happening on my end. Looks like it always has w/the normal black shaded background picture.

Look at your browser settings and see if you have the background image turned off. Some browsers can do that. Otherwise, try clearing cache and cookies and restart the browser.


My dad knows how to do that on purpose. He hits F12 and changes the local settings. He made it green. It was cool.


I’ve never seen the background image go accidentally missing; it must be something specific to the browser you’re using or even your environment (ie. as localized as just your own computer and its settings!).


Ok, I’ll do some fishing around my browser.