Which players do you think are the most creative ever?

Yeah, list which players you think are the most creative. This will be a long thread hopefully.

Without a doubt… Kenny ‘K-Strass’ Strasser. He is hands down, the Supreme Galactic Ninja level, Bruce Lee of Extremely Masterful, near impossible yoyo Creativity.

I honestly almost didn’t mention K-Strass, simply because his Superiority tends to force most folks immediately into deep depression guilt out of knowing they will never measure up.

Steve Brown actually pretty much retired just to minimize any chance he might have to throw down against ‘DA BIGG K’.

Just glad K-Strasser was captured on film to humble yoyo players Worldwide for generations to come.

And now… Directly from the very top of the Food chain is the Pretender with Suspenders; Kenny ‘Trickbomb’ Strasser.


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Zach Gormley and Riccardo Fraolini are the greatest trick creators of all time.

Very much so. Don’t forget Paul Escolar & Yuuki.

I always thought Jensen was pretty creative.

Charles Haycock, Yuuki Spencer, Riccardo Fraolini. BOOM.

Jason Lee, Charles Haycock, Yuuki Spencer, Riccardo Fraolini, Spencer Berry, Paul Escolar, Danny Severance, John Ando, Ed Haponik, Doc Pop, Jensen Kimmitt, Takeshi Kamisato, JonBot, Guy Wright, Pekka, Mark Montgomery, Dale Oliver, Mark McBride, Daniel Ickler, Steve Brown.

Just off the top of my head, this is the short list I think.

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Dont think anyone mentioned takahiro lizuka and gentry stein :slight_smile:

Definitely gentry

Tyler severance 1A and 5A, Adam Brewster, Isaac Sams, Sid, Augie Fash, Drew Tetz, and performance wise John Higby

Most of the others I could think of have already been named.

There’s a big difference between skill and creativity.

I’m biased. But I love me some Takeshi, Higby, Sonny, The brothers Severance, Abe, Deth, Ann, Unkle Steve, Andre. Don’t forget Mickey!

Yuuki Spencer and Riccardo Fraolini.

Another to the list: Takeshi Matsuura

Nice list so far!

Paul Kerbel has to be on it!

Also, Janos Karancz

Let’s not forget K-Strass’ backup!

Oh wait, he’s already on this list!  ;D :wink:

Iv been watching Andre Boulay for at least 15 years. Always enjoyed his stuff.

Zach Gormley

kevin nicholas, christopher chia

First- we start with the people whom received the trick innovator of the year award.

DocPop, Paul Escolar, Johnnie Devalle, Jason Lee, Yuuki Spencer, Jesse Garcia, JonRob, Jake Bullock, John Ando, Jensen Kimmit, Steve Brown, Zammy, Zach Gormley, Drewtetz, Riccardo.

Each of those people helped push yoyoing to heights beyond what is known. Thank you to those players.

Now- on to people whom deserve to be mentioned, now mind you this is my personal opinion:

Takeshi Maatsura. Spencer Berry. Adam Brewster. Ed Haponik. Ky Zizan. Keiran Cooper. Josh Jessen. Alex Wilden. Anthony Rojas. Eric Tranton. Darnell Hairston. Jason Cheow. Ma Yi. Rei Iwakura. Evan Nagao. Ayumu Harada. Ivan Maslin. Nehemiah Peterson. Sora Ishikawa. Hank Freeman. Shu Takada. Andrew Maider. Chris Rodrigues. Isaac Sams. Mark Mangarin. Shane Lubecker. Jacob Jensen. Mark Allen. Justin Weber. John Wolfe. Andrew Bergen. Tessa Piccolo. Tylor McCallumore. Ondrej Dolejs. Tyler Severance. Miguel Correa. Alex Lozyniak. Jordan Cooper. Bryan Figueroa. Ryosuke Iwasawa. Mikhail Tulabut. Gary Longoria. Gabe Lozano. Hidemasa Semba. John Chow. Johnbot. Shinji Saito. Sterling Quinn. Derrick Walker (ignitus).

There is tons of people that stand out that have created many ideas to the community. Some of old and some of new. I’ve been in this community for quite awhile, and can easily recognize creativity and innovation.

I’m sure some will agree while others will not. Some won’t recognize names in there since of tose people I mentioned no longer play yoyo/not a part of the community anymore.


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