Most Innovative Player?

(major_seventh) #1

What do you think, in your opinion?

Zach Gormley
Adam Brewster
Yuuki Spencer
Guy Wright

I’m missing a ton, I know there’s so many more.


There’s an annual trick innovator award, I just don’t know where to find the list


Zach’s routine when he won Nationals was crazy innovative. I feel Riccardo Fraolini is pumping amazing new concepts as well. So many others but these two stand out.

(major_seventh) #4

Found it


Takeshi Matsuura.



(H.J.Fras) #7

Aaron davis

(velez_adrian) #8

Myself, zack Gustafson, Eric tranton, Shane The pain, spencer walker, Kyle nation. And more…



(Amplified) #10


It’s Ky Or Zammy


Ky for sure. With #HOOPZ and double dragon, he’s onto some neat out of the box concepts.

(Zammy Ickler ) #12

If you are speaking specifically for 2014, there is:

Ed Haponik who continues to take fixed axle yoyoing to new heights

Ky Zizan with his innovative “Double Dragon” style and related styles.

Tsukasa Takatsu has a very interesting take on 1a which is chopsticks, technical and also some amazing frontstyle slack tricks.

Riccardo Fraolini whom has taken current concepts in 1a and pushed them to new levels. He has covered all base concepts and just totally exploded creativity with all of it.

Janos continues to elevate the rejection/slack concept too with so much control.


-Zammy (for sure)
-Steve Brown
-Yukki Spencer

(kclejeune) #14

Ed Haponik anyone?


Zammy’s a definite he’s a master and an influence
Ed Haponik because he’s basicly the human element of creation
Riccardo because of the slack tricks he does (better than Janos with all the slack and rejections)
Jensen K. cuz HOOOOPZ
Jeff Coons, for he is the amazing jack of all trades and holds a world record
Nick Gumlaw, which most of you haven’t heard of him, but his slack and tech is mindblowing

And there’s some more that I forgot

MODIFY: it’s Aaron Davis. So good
Also Steve Brown. 365 project of his was amazing
No Spencer Berry?

Ah yes, Drew Tetz. He is one creative individual

J.T. Nickel breh


Drew Tetz
Ryan Gee
Jake Bullock
Sterling Quinn
Dana Bennett


Hiroyuki Suzuki
Eric Koloski
Ben Conde
Janos Karancz

(Zammy Ickler ) #18

What I want to know from the OP is:

Are you asking whom is the most innovative since 1999?
or currently for the year 2014?


if currently 2014, none of what I chose. I would say Takeshi Matsura for 2014.


I noticed there was no award for 2013.