Where to go from Man and his brother


So I’m new and still learning tricks wherever possible. I’ve noticed I end up in a Man and His Brother alot, but don’t really know a good trick to go into from there. Anybody got a suggestion?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4mT_wit2DI i ll link you my video, at 0:59 i am doing brother mount  slack to modificated ninja vanish then tower to peng pong, its headcam so it wont be that diffcult to see what exactly i am doing there.


Brother slack, revolutions from brother… Ya…


Revolutions is good, as well as a fun green triangle.

Pop up the back and land on the front string.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple.


A green triangle.

It shows how in the yotricks video for ninja vanish (NOT the vid for brother) thats pretty cool, the you can pop into a trapeze, do a jump rope (also on yotricks on YouTube) and then you will be in a trapeze and go off from there.