Where. The. Water. Flows - Eric Sun


12 Hours of Technical Difficulties made this come late… Still proud!

(Amplified) #2

Flows. For. Days.

Gah. Dude that was amazing. The editing. The scenery. The combos. It was top notch.

We’ll probably be seeing this on yoyonews soon.


O.O I have no words for this it was just that amazing.


Very nice video!! The VKss is such an amazing throw, the video really does it justice. It’s a shame that there are less than 100 out there.

BTW: How do you have four of them!!!??






Last Bump?


Amazing you should be proud!


Holy crap man! You’re soo good at this!!!


i have no words to describe the flow of what i just saw.

keep it up dude, you’re insane!!!

just… :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o