Where did all of the collectors go?

I consider myself a collector, not a great one, or a well known one, but I love collecting, and I did used to frequent the forums quite a bit, but I have moved the bulk of my goings on to the faceboook BST and talk group. I do lurk here every so often, and post when I can or care to, but its mainly because the facebook goup is more active, and if we are going to be honest, has a lot more people closer to my age group.

I also don’t really have a priority to what I collect. If I think it looks fun and will play to my liking, I usually add it to the want list, so I do check as many BST pages as I can, YYE included.

I personally don’t care about rarity, so I have no reason to spend exorbitant prices for things that play slightly worse than what I can get now for 50 bucks.