where can I find pictures of the dark magic colors ?

I want to buy a new dark magic, but most online shops show a picture of one color and let you chose from a drop down without seeing a picture. I tried to look around in google but failed. if any one knows a place with dark magic colors pictures it will be of great help.

Thanks in advance

Umm… Have you checked YoyoExpert?

I did, but I noticed a weird thing, the color that is called aquamarine on YoyoExpert is blue on euro-yo (the 2 sites that do show colors) and I’m thinking of buying that color. So I need the site with the colors to check it up :-\

Not sure if you know this but that particular blue is called aquamarine. They are both the same color.

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That explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

google images has pictures of all the dark magics I use that if I cant find pics that I want.