Where Can I Buy "Hello My Name Is" Stickers?

Ok so I have this AWESOME 15 BLACK STAR CASE that I bought from a forum member. I just had a cool idea for a design. I’m ping to BAC and I am gonna get auto graphs. So I thought,“hmm,… My case is all scratched up, why don’t I cover it with stickers?” At first, I thought I’d just cover it up in YYE and YYJ stickers, but then it hit me right in the face, why don’t I get those “Hello my name is…” Stickers and have pros auto graph them. So I’ve went to micheals and wal mart to look for those stickers.

Either a party supply store or an office supply like Staples or Office Max.

If you can’t find any at office supply stores, those same stores will definitely have sticker paper which you can just print the design onto.

Thank You :slight_smile: