When is NER this year? (2014)


Does anyone have any infor on NER for 2014?


at the eye throwdown Andre said that Mass states and NER are in April and June i think…other than that i have not herd anything


Mass is before ner this year.


So in June-ish?


6th and 7th i believe.


It’s 6th and 7th of June


^^ Yep.

MA States will be April 26th and NER will be June 6-7th.


Awesome! If I may ask, where or how did you find out the dates of NER? like is there a website? or did you hear it from other people?

And where will NER be taking place? I want to start mapquesting lol


Last couple were at the Florence Massachusetts “high school” I could be wrong about the level of school.


From Andre.



NER will be at The Academy of Music in Northampton. The location of the last few MA States… Great place for a yoyo contest!! In the past it was at JFK Middle School in Florence, MA.


Cool. That should be a little more interesting without the rug.


The academy is a far nicer stage setup. Hope it’s warm enough to be outside, as mingling inside gets rough. Trying to get my son up on stage this time around.


Yeah, you and me both!


Is there a website?


This year’s website isn’t up yet for NER, but here is last year’s link:
And this is the MA states website:
Huh, I guess it’s at the Eastworks building this year. Has anyone ever been to the throwdowns? How’s the competition space there? I’m assuming that’s they’ll use the same space for MA states this year that they use for the throwdowns.


I went to the throw down in February. The space itself was alittle small. Mostly the seating took up most of the room. I can’t imagine what it would be like for NER or MA states. It would be crazy packed. Unless they use a different room that’s alittle bigger.

It was a nice place, restaurant right next door and plenty of parking


Academy of Music i think. I don’t see why they’d quit it.
Edit: oh i saw. That’s weird. Really weird.


Interesting… looks like there won’t be prelims at ma.


Does anyone know the admission?