Whats the difference


Whats the difference between the new skyline and the old one? Whats with the “minor change in aesthetics”?


The SPLASH. That’s about it, and I also think the pads too.


Yep, YYF gets a lot of mileage out of a design by introducing different color schemes.
(Not saying this in a bad way)


That’s all? Oh well, just ordered a blue with purple splash one

(Ariq) #5

The weight distribution changes but u can barely notice. And the axle it is using now will be the same as FUNDAMETALS sized and not the long axle type

(Mi) #6

YYF changes the colorways and makes it a new version.


does the axle size effect anything?


yes how long it takes to screw the yoyo together


like i didn’t know that… i meant does it effect stability, speed, etc in any small way?


He just gave you the only difference.