What's a typical yoyo manufacturing run size?

I’m trying to get a feel for roughly how many units of a particular yoyo model would the “average” maker produce in a “typical” single manufacturing run. I’m not looking for exact numbers, just a general range for a maker, big or small.

And yes I’m fully aware that YoYoFactory cranks out way more Shutters than One Drop cranks out Kuntoshes, but for example, a company of size X would typically produce amount Y per run.

Anyone know?


My first three runs were 11, 60, 100.


Most are around 100-300 id say. 50/50 is going to be, well, 50 units lol. The more units you buy the cheaper they become so it makes sense economically if you have the time to sell all of them


I made strings for the last few launches from Circle City Yoyos. We did a run of 60 Warbirds, then a second run of 60 in different colorways. So with the Warhawk we did a run of 120, with 20 being the “team edition” and 100 for sale.

I think it largely depends on your following. When Bradd made the Warbird, Circle City was just beginning to gain traction and he had some that didn’t sell for a long time after launch. But when the Warhawk launched, pre-orders were totally sold out because Circle City was starting to become a bigger name that people recognized. And the Warhawk was a unique throw, and relatively inexpensive for a bi-metal, so there was higher demand. Honestly we probably could have done a run of 200+ and still sold them all, but Bradd couldn’t do all that work at launch while having kids and a full-time job.



I always thought it was 250 and 500.

I made the Energy with 50 units. The Energy 2.0 will be 100. Seems to me that these are good numbers for independent makers that don’t sell in stores, but of course, they can vary…

If a company have a contract with a reseller, depending on the yoyo and the product, these numbers can be way higher.

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