Whats a good starter Yo-Yo?


yyf fast 201, yyf the one(with extra spec baring so when you get better you have and unresponsive yo yo that you’ll already be used to) or Duncan throw monkey. but the one i think is the best deal, i have all 3 n there really good for beginners

How do you modify yo-yo’s?

by changing them.

The one.

How do you change them? Also when I use yo-yo’s I have the string at the very back of my middle finger not the middle. Will that effect how I yo-yo?

I suppose it will but I don’t really think in a bad way. Everyone has their own style I say if it becomes a problem change to the middle but if not then I don’t see a problem. Plus you could always try moving it and see if it makes a positive change in your play.

And in regards to modding it depends on the yoyo some people will silicone their yoyos or sand down the rims but most of the time you won’t ever need to a mod a yoyo. Most people just mod yoyos to make them their own. C=

Thank You. I have a grind machine from a long time ago but it doesn’t spin for a very long time. How do I make it spin longer? Also my old Lyn Fury is like that. How do you take bearings out? Sorry for so many questions.

I have heard playing with the string to the back of your finger rather than the middle can result in cutting circulation off to the finger after a long period of play. I can’t verify that is true as I have never tried it. I just now tried a few throws with the string to the back of my finger. It felt weird and seemed to interfere with play. The rest of my fingers seemed to get in the way and catch on the moving string. This could be simply because I’ve never played with the string way down there like that before.

Trace is right in advising you to stick with what is working for you. I suppose I would advise you to consider slipping the string up to the middle after you have gained some greater skill and at least see if that works any better for you. It seems to for almost all of the rest of us.

(I don’t think the yo police issue tickets for string position violations.)

I recommend purchasing a yoyojam yoyo that comes responsive, but also comes with a speed bearing to make it unresponsive such as a dark magic two.

Even though I just posted this in another thread I will help from my experience here as well. I have the yyf ONE and its a great starter throw. I got the one with 2 bearings so it comes responsive but as you get better and learn the bind you can make it unresponsive! I’ve bought a whip as well so I haven’t played the ONE unresponsive yet but at only 10 bucks I would still vote the ONE