What would you think if I made "profesional" reviews? (like dryoyo)

I’ve been thinking about making more profesional reviews like dryoyo and putting them up on my website, thoughts on this?

Sure. It really is your choice, but those reviews are great, and would boost up the review hype here. :wink:

Do you think it woukld copty dryoyo’s thing, that is the only reason I’m not doing it yet.

No, writing reviews are your own thing, as a critic. Write about the Yo-Yo.

You won’t copy him, in fact, there should be more reviews like his.

Way to step up to the plate! :wink:

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Sure if you want to! That would be great! I would read them. :wink:

I think you should.

Thanks for the support guys, I just made my first review, more review coming weekly.


It’s a good idea but I don’t think “professional” would be the correct word. More like, “more organized and less biased than other reviews.” I haven’t read your review yet, but I should soon lol.

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Everyone has some reviews now and then. dryoyo just has them on a regular basis and on a higher level.

Addment: Would be a bit lame if you copied his setup.

Ok, that is what I was worried about, what would happen if I copied it. I’m going to try to make my own setup, I’ll still leave that review up, though.

How would you feel about this setup?

             [b]First Thoughts(before the throw):[/b]
             [b]First Throw:[/b]
             [b]String tricks overall:[/b]
             [b] Final Thoughts:[/b]                    

Edit 2:
Just thought of more stuff to add! :slight_smile:

Hey, kobansora’s here! haha. But anyways, I agree with him and with pheenix. And gm user, that is still a lot like dryoyos. But I do like the grinding part. If I think of any sections that I think would be informative, I will post it.

OK… Now some more tips for the reviews (this goes for anyone).

  • Never use a 1/10 (or any other scale) rating system. Let the reader make up his own opinion after reading the review.
  • Use a setup that you like
  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Include pictures
  • Never make them too biased
    ^- Include your personal opinion if you want to, but never write them as facts
  • Use a lot of time when reviewing the yoyo.

This will probably give good reviews if done correctly.

That is great advice Pheenix

GM, you are more then welcome to use my format if you want

You don’t think my reviews are professional kobansora?

Thanks, but I really feel it wouldn’t be right to use it. I’ll go with the format I made (Based off yours sort of) and take Pheenix’s advice, try to build an opinion. I’ll get working on my next review soon.

I don’t dryoyo. I think you make the greatest and most professional reviews out there. Oh and btw, you said you have an adiction… are you going to review it?

I don’t have an addiction. I wish I did, they look nice

Oh, my bad.