What was your first throw of the new year???

My first throw of 2017 is my unengraved top deck. Love this thing!

My jackknife

Flight. Beautiful blue/green. Starting to learn 4A proper. I can dig this.

Purple Wayfarer Manatee

Im starting to learn 4a with the flight I got out of the 2016 mystery box. What tricks have you learned so far?

Started to learn 4a, I can do a few things, I’m truthfully still working on getting really solid spin times on abnormal catch and throw. I found I was able to do a few tricks, but I def need a stronger throw without chucking it 10ft in the air!!

Banshee was the first for me.

Got a decent throw and catch. Normal bind and one hand bind. I can do barrel rolls both ways with one beat of boingy boing in between but cant keep up a boingy. I got throw arm orbits and just nailed a smooth body/torso orbit behind the back and back to nice bind. I ran inside with my arms all noodley going “WOO!! I did cool things!”

Not bad for my first day trying it not in a bedroom. haha

My shutter.

New yoyo I just got reb start the riot
So underated I like it more than the Draupnir I tried At GA states

Solid gold manatee

Is it made of solid gold? :wink:

Curvy donut man for me! Technically I picked up the TiMe first but didn’t throw it.

Absolutely!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you like that manatee?

It played responsive out of the box, so it needs to be broken in a little still. I love it though. It’s really comfy in the hand, and spins VERY smooth. It might be my favorite CLYW so far.

Superstar bimetal

Or alternatively I threw up

The gauntlet its hard tho my SO gave it to me on Christmas but broke up with me a day be for new years eve/our daughters birthday. After 6 years but love the throw. :grinning:

Waiting on two to show up. The Knight and the Prime8 so stoked for both of them. The knight will be here this week, Prime8 could be a couple weeks…

Never mind I read the question wrong hahahaha. First throw of the new year was my Kraken

I used my pre-release orca