What throws would you put on the Mount Rushmore of yo-yos?

They don’t have to be the “best” yo-yos, they can be iconic or influential, played a part in a lot of people’s love for the hobby etc.

(for this discussion let’s say only throws from the last 10 years)

So which four is on your list, and why?

I think mine might be:

  • Draupnir (set the standard for high performance, showed what amazing quality and precision can do to elevate a simple toy, unquestionably one of the best performing yo-yos ever)

  • YoyoJam Classic (was the intro for thousands of throwers, used a simple and basic design to achieve great results)

  • Shutter (one of the best all-around yo-yos ever made, is the flagship for arguably the most important and influential company of the past 10 years)

  • MarkMont Classic (not only the epitome of organic design, but the standard bearer for the beauty and creativity that has been the hallmark of North American YoYo design)


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Personally I’d go with all-metal to embody the “rushmore, stone, will last forever” theme maybe?

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Yeah but which one is Roosevelt?


I want to put MMC with Teddy, just because of the nature/organic connection.

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But he was a Rough Rider so…YYJ classic?!?


That’s interesting too, I’m sure Duncan would have a couple of those, but I’m talking modern yo-yos, past 10 years.

He also had a photographic memory, so maybe Shutter?


I was thinking about this from the intial thoughts ti-vayder thread!

I’d go

Draupnir - Chief - Ti-Walker - Peak

This is just my opinion though. OG 888, Fh1, Genesis and Sleipnir all just barely missed the cut. I could see replacing the Chief with any of these.


The only reason I would question the Walker is because so few were made that hardly anyone has ever played one.

Granted, the design/shape seems to have been very influential.

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Sleipnir and Draupnir are absolute staples for me, I can’t see myself removing those 2 for anything.

Peak and Hitman are tossups. Maybe you could say FH instead. Maybe 888 instead of Peak. Definitely some other possible options too


Well you could replace the walker with the vayder then now.

Even though the Ti-walker was super limited, it’s popularity can’t be understated. Especially within the first few years of its release

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Why the peak?

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Basically changed the game for modern yoyoing when it was released.

Got people to stop using dif pads and starburst and started to standardize the silicone ring.

There had been stuff like it before for sure, but the peak got the designs headed once the right direction. Also one of the first yoyos that was extremely hyped and sought after.

One of the few yoyos that has fetched a grand resale!

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Hitman is a good one I forgot

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I like this but I think the Chief or Peak should be swapped. I would put in 888 over the Peak maybe?

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Genesis - helped usher in the modern era of yo-yo design

Sleipnir- did the same as Genesis, but more specifically helped establish competition based yo-yos design and the use of higher grade aluminum

Whatever the first widely used/available bi metal was ( someone help me out here, Draupnir maybe? Berserker? NM5/AI/Phenom?) - obvious reasons

Shutter - I believe it was one of if not the first high tier metal at a budget price

And to whoever is saying Hitman I thought the OP said around the last 10 years, that would disqualify the Hitman by a wide margin.


I can def see either of those changes. I’m partial to old school clyw

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So you think Slepnir over Draupnir?

Depends what the first popular bimetals were that popularized them. If the Draupnir was one of those yo-yos it takes my third slot. Sleipnir popularized competition design features from what I understand, but the Draupnir took what the Sleipnir did to the next level.

If it did that while popularizing bimetals it also deserves a spot, I just was on a yoyo hiatus so I couldn’t tell you which yoyo(s) popularized bimetal design.

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Definitely was the Draup that made people realize that bi-metals were no joke. The first yoyo in my opinion to really display the advantages of what bi-metals are capable of.