What the heck? Why is my gift exchange locked?

explain mods!?

cause i mad a kind of mean comment about blankies and i was being a grammar enforcer also sushi was a time bomb apparently still wonder he types with only having wires and a timer

Me and sushi had a small flame war. He was being ignorant and probably regrets what he said

That thread better just be a temp lock to clean it up. I put a lot of time and effort into that.

i to did this thing

It was locked while we did a cleanup in aisle 4.

Let’s keep it on topic now.

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I understand, i have a short fuse.

But please, dont flame on a thread that took a good chunk of my time to make happen and organize.


Cause I _____(adjective) a kind of ______(adjective) comment about _______(noun) and I was being a _________(kind of person) also sushi was a ________(noun) still wonder he ______(verb) with only having ____(noun) and a ____(noun)


I love drama, don’t you?