What sacrifices do you make for your business that are not apparent to the public?

So on the surface, we see what seems to be the life everyone dreams of, you travel everywhere, experience amazing new sights, and you’re living out your dream of producing some of the highest quality yoyos on the market. Below the surface, what are some sacrifices you have made to be able to live such a free life? I think you used to be an avid weightlifter correct? Was that one of the hobbies you had to give up due to a lack of time?


Good question, I think everything has its positives and negatives… sometimes its a stuggle when I have a creative mental block. I hate that - because theres no logical way around it. It sometimes just takes time. Its also really stressful sometimes to get orders out and have a full time job, and make sure all my customers are happy. Another thing I deal with is the super high B-grade rate for titanium yoyos. Its unbelievably high compared to aluminum, which adds to the price of yoyos being made! Sometimes Ive broken even on runs of yoyos, and that is always stressful.

But really I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. So no complains :slight_smile: