What’s that one country dance song played at like every school dance? Found it!

(Victorian YoYos) #21

Not the macarena

(Sergio) #22

It must be Macarana

(Sergio) #23

There’s only so many songs that line dance


im running out of ideas


You know if you record some of the audio on your smart phone device, there are services that can quite reliably identify most songs with even a small snippet of audio.

(Victorian YoYos) #26

I’m going to have to do some detective research


SCIENCE my friend. It will never, ever let you down.

Except when it does.

(Sergio) #28

(Sergio) #29

Running out of songs and the suspense is killing me!

({John15}) #30

This song is actually pretty good, imo

(Evan Landreneau) #31

It may be one of these

(From the cranky old folks home) #32

@eternalmetal love that David Allan Coe stuff. :roll_eyes:


Yea well this one is fortunately free of racism snowflake.


(Victorian YoYos) #35

3:48 is the part I was looking for. Man was I off on what I was looking for…

(Sergio) #36

Mystery solved! It’s all I thought about today for crying out loud lol

Never heard of the song though

(Victorian YoYos) #37

Hooray we did it!

My friend did it… I just asked her lol


The Golden Horse in Spanish