What is this


Question: What style do you use/play?
1a - 41 (43.6%)
2a - 9 (9.6%)
3a - 3 (3.2%)
4a - 15 (16%)
5a - 21 (22.3%)
Combined Dual (2a + 3a) - 0 (0%)
Combined Aerial (4a + 5a) - 2 (2.1%)
Artistic Performance - 3 (3.2%)

I have seen this in one of the topics of Mitchell.

What is :
Combined Dual (2a + 3a)
Combined Aerial (4a + 5a)
Artistic Performance

How do you do it??

(JonasK) #2

I believe that the combined classes are classes where you need to perform in both of the styles which are included in the class. Artistic performance is something fun. Here the ability to entertain matters more than skill. John Higby won the 2008 AP contest:


Can you please tell me more abouth Artistic Performance

(J. Lev) #4

AP is basically more of a show than a series of tricks. It may tell a story, or use a cool prop. Really, just being creative.