What is a "Dorothy" bearing for yoyos?

Title says it all.

It’s the bearing yoyofactory used to use. Why is it called Dorothy? Not sure, maybe an homage to the movie Twister.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: Was it a different shape or just what it was called?

No. They were flat. It was YYF’s high end bearing and the one I had worked like a bearing should. That said, they had a bit of a bad rep for seizing up and YYF eventually ditched them.


The Dorothy bearing used in YoYoFactory’s premium yo-yos is also intended to be played dry and not cleaned. It has been speculated that they use Teflon coated parts. These bearings were considered to be very temperamental by some players, as they were prone to locking up. These have been replaced in all YoYoFactory premium yo-yos with the newer SPEC bearings.

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Thanks for all the replies guys! Very helpful! :slight_smile:

but the Dorothy in Twister was a reference to The Wizard of Oz… a reference of a reference? Reference-ception!


Interesting! Of course now the spec bearings have been replaced with Ct bearings. ُI wonder what’s next…

Actually…this is false. It wasn’t named after Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Everyone knows that Ben McPhee and YoHans are huge…and I mean HUGGGGGGGGGGGGE Golden Girls fans, like it’s ridic. The Dorothy bearing is actually named after their favorite Character on the show. They didn’t name it ‘Bea’ because they didn’t want it to be confused with the letter ‘B’

Dorothy Zbornak is a fictional character from the TV series The Golden Girls, portrayed by Bea Arthur for 7 years and 183 episodes. Dorothy was the strong, smart, sarcastic, sometimes intimidating, and arguably most grounded of the four women in the house. Though tough, she is normally friendly, polite and does genuinely care for the other girls.