what does bump mean?

Maybe this is just my problem, but what do people mean when they post “bump” on a thread?

They try to bring up their post to the top of the page so more people will read it.


Bump (V.)

  1. to come more or less violently in contact with; collide with; strike: His car bumped a truck.
  2. to cause to strike or collide: He bumped the car against a tree.
  3. to dislodge or displace by the force of collision.
  4. Informal. to dislodge; to appropriate the privileges of: When the general found there were no additional seats on the plane, he bumped a major. The airline bumped me from the flight.
  5. to demote, promote, or dismiss: He was bumped from his job.

But here’s the real answer you’re looking for-

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Ah, Shadowz ninja’d me. blargh

Bump 8)

bump brings the post that you bumped on to the top.

i’m not sure why this is in the general yo-yo section.

a bump is the main ingredient for necromancing

Thanks! I get it now.