What do you think of my string maker 3000®


hey ! in an illumination, i got this idea of a machine that can make multiple string at the time,less time to make more consistent beetween each string, this is awesome, now the explanation on my shitty paint skillz :

fig 1 is a drill
fig 2 is a circle atachedto the drill
fig 3 is a rectangle atached to a pivot that is off-centered from the circle in fig 2
fig 4 is some hooks atached to the strings,the hooks are on a wooden piece that is spining from the movement of 2 sticks atached into a L attached to figure 3
fig 5 is for the ability to fold the strings like in normal string making
fig 6 is the second hook,like in normal string making

fig 1 and 2 can be replaced by a crank.

sorry for my enourmous nomber of error,didn’t realy bother

*i will sew you if you steel my design

but the most important question is… does it work?

sure it doesn’t work on paint,or is there a way to import .jpg to .polyester ? but if done well it should (not converting file into string, the sm 3000®. now i’m wondering if i should forget my baby-baby-foot table for this project because i haven’t started yet.

looks nice. When I make strings I make each by hand, and a drill. It’s slow and tedious. but the finished product plays great.

that’s the goal,keep the feel of handmade string without the time it takes,it will be way better than twisting all the string together. i’m gonna build it at school when the holidays come to the end and show you photo once it’s finish.then i will experiment a formula and enter the market of string !