What do you guys think this is?

Yyf has a deal with a new bullseye color and a mystery bimetal yoyo, and I was wondering what that yoyo was.

It says the colors are blue, red, and a black silver fade. The demon speed has aqua, red, and a black silver fade with red splash.

These are the demon speed specs:

Also the specs are basically the same. It bogus it was, but i don’t know :man_shrugging: so I thought I would ask you guys :sweat_smile:
How good is the demon speed? It’s a pretty cheap bimetal, and I’ve been wondering that too.

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I’ve read from people the demon speed is underwhelming. It does seem like it is that bimetal.

if that’s the demonspeed, it would be kind of funny. it’s probably yyf’s way of getting rid of demonspeed that didn’t sell, and given what i’ve heard about it it’s pretty believable


What did you hear about it? When I seen the pictures I wasn’t excited and the monometal version looks even worser (that shape is really ugly) but usually never judge a book from it’s cover is a good advice


nothing good, just seemed like an average bimetal with an, in my opinion, awkward shape. i’m sure that’s the reason it’s mostly on sale now :(( just can’t stack up to other bimetals close to it, i know id rather pick up a KO than the demonspeed


Ok, thanks guys :grin: :pray: