What did you get in the mail for 2019 / 2020?

Those look amazing. However, I’m not a fan of shiny finishes like that haha

What model yoyo are those?

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Unprld abduction. Surprised you never seen them

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I’ve seen photos of them (on the YYE webstore page, for instance), but I don’t recognize them on sight. UNPRLD yoyos do have a sort of “signature look” with those straight cuts, but I can’t really tell them apart.


So many yoyos these days that I really only recognize a handful outside of my personal purchases.

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The left one!


You may have just changed my mind on how I feel about polished. Those look incredible.

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Plays really really good.
Very similar to the TISS.

I may be biased as I have been a fan of Jeffery for a long time. I wouldn’t say its my style for shape, but it looks killer and plays better.


how you like the ultima? Haven’t seen any write-ups on it

It can be super zippy that I don’t really do, but also can do whatever speed you’re into.

I come from older heavier yoyo’s like the OG peak or Ernies Essence, even heavy cream.

It’s like the perfect weight.
Those are just my initial impressions. I need to play it for a while to really get used to it.

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:pray:t2: @vegabomb :pray:t2:

Two sets of BigFun/NextGen
Metal Butterfly w/WYYC BXT
Tourney w/WYYC BXT
Duncan note pad


Very cool man! :smiley:

Have you thrown the Butterfly AL? What’s your thoughts?

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The aluminum Butterfly is trash. It’s like a Sherpa without the emptiness, doesn’t feel hollow like the Sherpa and doesn’t play as well as it either. The finish is nice but not so nice on the graphics (is that a sticker?). It’s got good weight and spins smooth.
I’d put those throws in this order best to worst:
Butterfly XT
Butterfly Al


Ive seen too much negativity about the Butterfly Al to be hyped for it anymore. I imagine that it was just a lazy metal replica of the plastic for collectors only.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I was super tempted to grab one. When you get more time with it, please post your further impressions.

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Well dang. This makes me legit sad :(. I really wanted to like the AL…but you’re not the only one I’ve heard that’s not happy with it.


@eternalmetal is right, basically a lazy metal replica. I’m not disappointed, I expected it to not be a performer. I love the idea and the presentation,. Maybe with a half spec or a KK/center track this might transform into something more special. I think the bigger disappointment is actually the Tourney. Yet again I do like it, I just expected a better performer instead I’m a whole lot of unimpressed. Love the throwback look of it and the box is fit to bury the family cockatiel or hamster.

I know this all reads negatively, I’m actually quite happy with the purchases still as I’m more a collector than anything else and they are all beautiful and invoke a ton of nostalgia.


Stunning!! I remember the Alien Galaxy Hype so had to grab a Shutter, has a couple marks and a couple pinpricks, paid $40 shipped I think.

I’m sure yours holds up to mine, where can you get bgrade Alien Galaxy Colorways?? I have always wanted to get more.

Sorry if personal question but what did it set you back?.


Is that a Wasabi 08 or 09?

Either way super jelly as it’s my fav ilyy and honestly just as smooth as my mint Saskatoon Blizzard 7075 Chief.

I paid $50 for the Wasabi, not bad huh mint.

Still if it’s an 08 I’m super Jelly never got to throw one and it’s super duper undersized.

08 09, mint or not msg me and I would love to give you a great trade as an ILYY collectoe

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