What are you throwing in 2019?

({John15}) #82

How do you like that thing?

(Choncworth) #84

Love it, at first it’s very unforgiving. But once you break in the response… boy oh boy is it fun.

Tight tight binds, you can do reverse binds which feel so wrong but so cool.

Def worth picking up. Sparrow, 420, Quail are where it’s at. (From A-rt)

! regular or thin string ONLY. Unless you don’t care about your knuckles or fingertips. !


Supernova and monster edge today.

({John15}) #86

So in your experience, all of these play better than the Grail? Or, is it that they play more unique?

(Choncworth) #87

More unique and enjoyable for me.

Grail has a lot of hype, which I think adds to it’s appeal. (Don’t kick me out of the club lol)

By no means am I saying the Grail is bad, it just isn’t all that.

(Spinworthy Glen) #88

Just gave a walnut Ballsy I made for @Myk_Myk a quick test.

({John15}) #89

Woah, wait. Is this another model you have in production?

(Christopher Dougherty) #91

iceberg /purple haze zipline


Is the ballsy in ~beta?




Still working on 2 handed loops and mixing in the Quail today for 1A.

({John15}) #95

That’s a pretty quail mister


2A would have to be 2 handed loops I believe, but that’s no reason not to start practicing it. You should start practicing with your left hand!

(ChrisFrancz) #98

When I did that 2 years ago it somehow messed up something with my right-handed looping and I totally lost my groove / timing / etc. and I started over-thinking every hand motion, psyched myself out and could never get it back which made me quit yoyos for several months. I know, I know…start practicing again.


Looping is tough. I didn’t really try learning looping until I hurt my right hand 2-3 years ago. Couldn’t yo-yo for like a month or two so I just practiced looping with my left hand. I can loop with both hands individually, but still can’t loop with both hands at the same time very well, my brain just short circuits lol. Back to practicing!

({John15}) #100

This made me chuckle

(Alexander) #101

I used to be able to do six loops both hands, but I haven’t practiced lately. What I did is like what you suggested: Learn to loop in one hand. Learn to loop with the other. Then, loop with both hands together. But the loops are going at the same time, not alternated like you normally see. That helps your brain get over the initial hurdle, and it helps you get the timing with two hands consistent. After you get comfortable with that, you’re ready to start alternating loops.


I got that same cold fusion tin I spot in the background, had the throw, glove and pins right? Wow now I gotta go dig that out.


It’s a G.T. tin but it’s got a plain cold fusion in it. I’m always on the lookout for another just saying.


OD sunrise fade 54😍