What are you throwing in 2019?


Cool how approproatied imagery doesn’t lead to an immediate cease & desist for DocPop (see ty-vayder thread) - art will always be subjected to reinterpretation/re-appropriation - welcome to the new world!!

(Jim Honaker) #655

Very true. Go to any comic-con and get drawings and sketches done by 20 different artists of the same character. Lot’s of loop holes in the photography world as well. Even use of others photographs. I was on the board of the ASMP in South Carolina for a while. We are big advocates of protecting copyrighted works.

({John15}) #656

And if anything, the way that doc pop uses that image honestly makes more sense to me. There’s not much significance to a screaming hand imo, but I guess there could be significance to a screaming yoyo in a hand.

(Jim Honaker) #657

The screaming hand is super iconic. No other significance needed. But I think the screaming yoyo is awesome too.

(Patrick Dressel) #658

Throwing my supernova today :slight_smile:

(Jim Honaker) #659

A little Santa Cruz love for everyone.

(Jacob Waugh) #660

Why would you throw those?

(Jim Honaker) #661

Throw em down the pipe or bowl brah.


No comply out the bowl


Just another way to Throwdown :call_me_hand:


Inferno Yoyos Sonar in the Monsoon colorway splash and Zipline Slushy Smurfberry Blast string.

(ClockMonsterLA) #665

But which came first, the DocPop graphic or Vampire Hunter: D?


(Jacob Waugh) #666

Lol ok.


Neither!! Santa Cruz is the goat

(Choncworth) #668

These two big dudes.

Par Avion and 420 with @smileypants707 ‘s XL custom blend strangz. :ok_hand:t3::raised_hands:t2:

These strings are :fire::fire::fire:.

(Jared ) #669

@Applepooh oooh that Par Avion :drooling_face:


(Jacob Waugh) #671

Nylon is toxic when it burns, so I hope they aren’t fire lol.

(Choncworth) #672

Burns so good man. So good. :crazy_face:

(Steve Brown) #673

Lots of prototypes for new CLYW stuff. :slight_smile: