What are you throwing in 2019?


So far the yoyos I’ve thrown the most in 2019 my Code 2s, a Top Deck, my Cabals, my Cross Bones, and a Sullivan.


(Jacob Waugh) #636

Soon enough we will all have Ti Walkers. MWUHAHAHA

(ClockMonsterLA) #637

Er, not quite. TiVayder != TiWalker. :thinking:

({John15}) #638

The lovely Parlay

(Patrick Dressel) #639



Cascade 2


My Vanguard has been getting a lot of play over the past few days. I didn’t realise just how much certain types of bearings suite certain yoyos. I personally love the Onedrop 10ball flat bearing, however I swapped out the one which came in this and put it in my Markmont (which I got second hand with a string centering bearing) and that one in this.

This has surprised me because the improvement in play is palpable! (Pleasingly the flat 10ball has mde the Markmont play considerably better too!)

(Jordan Blofeld) #642

In case it wasn’t blindingly obvious

(Jacob Waugh) #643


(Justin ) #644

It’s the 543, the first release from the new company OPYOYOS founded by Jordan.


Total wantyness. Word to your mother.


My tarnished DM1. I painted the inner cups gold when I was a kid because I was an ignaramous. I got some sand paper and Mother’s Polish, so I’m gonna try and restore it…

(Evan Brown) #647

YYF Shutter, gonna save up for a Wedge Beyond though


I actually think that gold interior looks good, so I’m siding with younger you on this one. :baby:

(Thomas Bellotti) #649

Agreed. The caps over the paint keep it from looking tacky. I actually think it looks great

(Choncworth) #650

:joy: cascade 2, love it.


showing the Bolt2 by @docpop some love today



(Jim Honaker) #653

I love those graphics @DocPop I am a huge Santa Cruz fan so it get me right in the feels.