What are you throwing in 2019?

(Campbell White) #594

i just recently picked up a magicyoyo m002 april and im really loving it



(Jacob Waugh) #596

What contest?

(Victorian YoYos) #597

Cal states

(Jacob Waugh) #598

Hope Lorenzyo vlogs it.

(Victorian YoYos) #599

Yeah. Speaking of where has he been?!

(LJ) #600

This TFL. I haven’t thrown it in a longgg time. (that’s a YYN highlight on it lol) I forgot how nice it was.


Interesting, the whole surface is textured? What exact model?

(LJ) #602

I think it was Werrd TFL groovy lady edition.


Yep. I’ve got one in the greenish colorway. Really nice throw and it ripstarts.

({John15}) #604

Summit X Homemade String

(Jacob Waugh) #605

He moved and is at a new school I think, posts a lot on Instagram and his story, just hope he will come back to YouTube though.

(Victorian YoYos) #606

Me too


These guys currently.

I had been in a rut for a while as my routine got pretty stale. Back in December I decided that I want to get into “modern responsive” just to try out another style of play that’s growing. Fast forward to this year exploring more responsive throws, I spontaneously picked up a Butterfly XT which then gave me this urge to play some plastic throws (had played my Skyva), which escalated to wanting to play some delrin throws, which pushed me to try out a delrin skyva.

Loving both of these throws - the delrin skyva is butter smooth and can handle long finger spins, a little harder to land as it doesn’t “auto correct” as much as the PC version.

Deep State…probably one of the best throws I bought in a while, learning more about it as I use it. Delighted to see that I can in fact shoot the moon on it despite many saying they had difficulty with it due to its semi-responsive nature. I saw the One Drop video and knew it could be done…and today I went to give it a shot and was hitting them pretty clean! This will probably be spending a lot of time with me for a while, love how non-invasive it is in my pocket.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #608

Do nylon strings always look that good and soft? :heart_eyes:

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #609

SF Cadence.

Bad background but i wanted to show the beauty of the yoyo in sunlight.

({John15}) #610

Yes sir, they sure do :wink:

These are technically hybrids though


Not quite, I think.
Didn’t the hubstack edition use a different name than TFL?

(Patrick Dressel) #612

That’s an amazing colorway

(Jim Honaker) #613

This has been my go to set. For a few weeks now. Of course not pictured is the Deep State that is an EDC.