What are you throwing in 2019?

(Josiah Lyons) #534

bought a shutter and replay pro yesterday


Recess Little League is a home run hitter

({John15}) #536

Markmont Classic + Homemade string

I swapped the brass domes for flat caps, and man was that night and day. Weight/ weight distribution is a trip.

(Choncworth) #537

Isn’t it?! Trips me out every time I try a new set of SE’s.

(ClockMonsterLA) #538

Been throwing my purple Top Deck a lot lately.


NICE! Now I want to get some flat caps!

(Mitch ) #540

I have my first MMC on the way. I would like to here what others prefer for their set ups - from a side effect perspective.

({John15}) #541

I’ve tried it with the brass domes, flat caps and ultra lights. I personally was not a fan of it set up with ultra lights. It lost a lot of its punch set up like that, it just felt strange.

(ClockMonsterLA) #542

I have mine set up with Lego SEs because they were the only style I could find in blue:


(Patrick Duffy) #543

I was throwing a Shutter Wide Angle but just got a Metal Yeti and I’m completely smitten by it. It fits the feel I want so much more. I have an Urban headed my way, as well

(InvaderDust) #544

G2 Pelican today! So chill, super lax, slow and steady, exactly how they fly 2 inches over the water with an eerie ease. Cruise control locked in.

(Mitch ) #545

This is a great way to describe the pelican. Its also the yoyo i fear hitting me in the face the most for some reason. It just has a presence about it - it feels heavier in the hand than it does in play.


A wooden Replay Pro.


Another one that got away.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #548

I really like my markmontclassic with ultra-lights. (thanks again for them, @smileypants707) I tend to like lighter yoyos with less center-weight.


Ultra-lights are my default SE on any SE throw :smiling_imp:

(Patrick Dressel) #550

Sk today


YYF Confusion and Zipline Darkroom Edition strings black/dark purple.

(Choncworth) #552

TiHawk, DS Bearing and you know it. G2 Diamond Blendzzz by Zipline.



didn’t even know it was bimetal.