What are you throwing in 2019?


Made a Delrin Overthrow today, please make these a thing @yyfben2! Also @Eric_Koloski if your looking for that delrin nine dragons you left on my desk I haven’t seen it…


you monster. I love it.

(Spinworthy Glen) #516

You made this?


Throwin the blizzard today, I can’t get enough of this thing :snowman_with_snow:


More like put together than made lol. Just delrin nine dragons shells, overthrow parts, and a few precision swings of a hammer.

(Spinworthy Glen) #519

Haha. Very cool!

(Justin Thompson) #520

Awesome new string color Smiles! You’re getting the strang thang down pat bro!:+1::fire:


Bro i have those exact parts, I WANNA TUTORIAL


SPYY Flying V, setup responsive (how it should be played).


Basecamp Sherpa setup unresponsive with green polys, Spinworthy Harbinger Oak with 100% cotton Type 8

(Choncworth) #524

OYY x OD Eclipse.

DS Bearing, Zipline kc24 Strangz

(Patrick Dressel) #525

That looks sick


Little League!!

(Francisco) #527

First purchase of 2019

Retic boa


Wait how was this done? How is the inner cup anodized differently than the outside?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #529

They can dye the entire thing, mask off that area with say, hot glue, then strip the dye off of the rest and remove the mask.

(Choncworth) #530

It’s not that fancy, sharpies. Blue and black. Did it to look sorta like an eclipse.


Nice! Can you do a closeup of the cup?

(Choncworth) #532

Sure can.

(Mitch ) #533

I would really like to pick up one of these. I just found out that they are local to me which makes me want to support them even more.