What are you throwing in 2019?


Well I don’t need that G.T. I’ve been looking for. This is great except for the freaking stacks. I hate stacks. And no Matador spikes. Well it’s a American made gt shape so I’m mostly happy.


so nice :heart_eyes:


Cool photo.


OG Bolt. Trying 5A.photo P1000444_zpslghe6cel.jpg


Rain City Skills/ Oh Yes Yo Sk8r MFD Phat Vines

(Thomas Bellotti) #398

CLYW Borealis 2
G2 Banshees 2018
One Drop VTWO

(Ethan Phelps) #399

Personally I am using the edge beyond

({John15}) #400

Parlay all day

(ClockMonsterLA) #401

Are those brass flat side effects on that Parlay?


Kui still :slight_smile:


I suspect they are.

({John15}) #404

Why yes, yes they are


Do you like it with the extra center weight? Brass is mega heavy, like 4x or more the weight of Alu.

({John15}) #406

Yes I do, actually.

(ClockMonsterLA) #407

Same here. I have brass domes in my Parlay.

({John15}) #408

Nice, I have the brass domes in my MarkMont Classic. I tried it with ultra lights, but it felt like it lost a lot of its “punch”.


No matter how many yoyos I buy I pick up my Magicyoyo V6 the most often.


World Champion Dale Oliver’s signature Spintastics Tiger Shark with holographic caps and Slim Kitty reds.




Well I took the plunge and ordered myself some Zipline Strings, so far I am very impressed indeed as they feel EXCELLENT!

Here’s one on my Orca. Premium quality string for a premium quality yoyo used by a less than premium thrower :smiley: