What are you throwing in 2019?

({John15}) #373


Texas has the friendliest plant life. Don’t you just want to cuddle with this hell bush?


Ceasefire all the way this week!
Now if the rain would just stop…


Unparalleled Abduction. Not thrown this for a while, so far I am finding it good to learn simple suicides on (well of all my yoyos this is the one which I seem to catch them most regularly with anyway)





SF Ceasefire MFD white Phat Vines

(Justin Thompson) #378

I’m throwing up. After a night of throwing down.

(Spinworthy Glen) #379


(Justin Thompson) #380

To each their own…

(Choncworth) #381

Snozzzzzberry Hawk

({John15}) #382

Gosh that is mesmerizing! :heart_eyes:


Been playing the heck out of my black/gold YYF Confusion the past few months now, while still slipping some time for unresponsive. Responsive has given me something fresh to play with for the time being. Have also grown appreciation for some of the older/earlier yoyos I purchased early in my hobby, particularly my Dragonfly which I initially felt like I had outgrown the moment I first opened the package and tried some tricks…pretty solid throw for doing these fixie-style tricks.


Super Bowl pre game snacks and a stock Duncan Freehand Zero (FHZ) with YYE cotton type 10 string

(Jacob Waugh) #385

Why would you throw your snacks?

(Spinworthy Glen) #386

Throwing my “Cheap State” today.



(Spinworthy Glen) #388

Testing this hickory unresponsive for a customer.


Pretty cold today :mask:


That top photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!


no, Regen

Jk they’re same


Kui. Mines a bit of a string cutter, so I’m testing it out with scrubbing down the edge