What are you throwing in 2019?

(Justin Thompson) #333

That Viszilla tho’, mmmmmhmmm


Fresh off the BST from @ricerocket this silicone recessed by The Modfather Duncan Freehand Zero. Flat A bearing with a drop of thin lube and she purrs like a kitten laced up with yellow Kitty regs.




If you want to do some work, try taking both of these apart, just pull a side off of each of them, then put one of the red halves with an orange half. I’ve done this on some with really wide gaps, and for some reason once half swapped they play great. One of the only “standard” Butterfly’s I have is a half swap. It plays really, really good.




diamond-blasted G2 Covenant


What is this, some new unannounced G2? I thought “Reaper” was next? :dizzy_face:


both the Covenant and Reapers are 2019 releases! you need to watch the G2 vlogs dude :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t see them listed at the official G2 model page… I just don’t have time to watch vlogs


coming to a day near you! i’ll give you a PM when theres a drop for both the cov and reaper


I can check the instagram page for that :wink:

(Spinworthy Glen) #344

Gave this one a test today.


This baby. Ordinance Excrament Cat.IMG_20190130_073919

({John15}) #346

Oh dude, that profile is like a wooden Kuntosh! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


And? Looks like a beast, I bet it’s awesome.

(Spinworthy Glen) #348

I’m really happy with how it plays. I just need to make some material tweaks the keep the dimensions the same but increase the weight.

But even at 52g, it plays astonishingly well and handles my longest combos.

({John15}) #349

That’s such an awesome feeling, isn’t it? To make something with your own hands that is fully functional and fun?

(Jacob Waugh) #350

The Hubs look like a wooden Regen.

({John15}) #351

Do you mean Replay?


Hm, I might consider this if I buy another anytime soon. I really like the way the red one plays so I want to keep it as is, and the currently double wrapped orange one sleeps enough where I can practice stalls on it. Ill probably keep it as one of those “here, if you are interested in yoyos try this” kind of yoyo. The way I have it set up it is really nice for beginners, so ive already thought of a use for it.

Probably going to buy some extras in the future, and if anyone of them has an elephant gap I will definitely mess with/mod them. I regret not buying the 3rd one off the shelf now, lol.