What are you throwing in 2019?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #313

There are drivetrain components you can buy for robotics systems that disengage if too much torque is applied. This seems like a simpler version of the same thing.


As Brittany Murphy (RIP) once said…

“rollin’ with my homies”


Thats an epic collection coding.

Threw mostly the blockade and torrent 2 today, although I threw others for a bit to change the strings, mainly 54, doorknob, rebirth, Hatrick, etc


@jeffreypang911 Luftverk 000 Ultra Matte Ceramic C bearing and Fat Kitty


Apparently as meant to be thrown. Im kinda jealous looking at that thing.

(Jacob Waugh) #318

Did you win the 000 from the forum chat thingy?

(Nathan) #319

That 000 should be in the Root Beer Colorwat and the results haven’t been announced yet.


Small bearing badassalope

(ClockMonsterLA) #321

Was throwing my new Pixel Ape all weekend and really loving it.

({John15}) #322

Harbinger and Hawk


Pulled the nylon Airetic off from my bit neglected Decoy and slapped some poly back on and I’m in love with it again! Looks like nylon is just not for me ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_.

(Mitch ) #324

I hope to snag up a Viszilla one day. Awesome collection.

(Neil ) #325

Tonight’s throw! YYR sheepnir


wait a minute LOL is this really a thing??

(Neil ) #327

Yup it was a special edition of the slepnir.



That’s amazing!! Had never heard of or seen this :rofl:

(Neil ) #329

Yeah I saw it on their site way back when and it became one of my grails at that time. Got super lucky and someone actually put one up on the BST here quite a while ago.


Throwing my new acquired Apathy!!! Thing is beautiful and fun to throw


No, that is 000 Ultra-Matte unit number 3 of 8 released in 2018. For the chat it looked like a pink and a rootbeer 000 were being offered up.

(Nathan) #332

I think it just said a rootbeer 000

I may be wrong though :wink: