What are you throwing in 2019?

(ClockMonsterLA) #292

I was just thinking this morning that I wish I had a gold 5000QV… :+1:

({John15}) #293

Hey, that’s a great photograph. Really cool :+1:


Throwing the Hummingbird and officially went through my first pair of pads, it literally shot off during a bind.


this thing is soooo good


Keeping the rotation real with Duncan Butterflys and YYE Slick 6 white strings.


This thing.


That looks like my old Viz. Let me know if you want to let it go :+1:


One of my favorite splash colorways!


Is that a colorway swap? Full camo like that :smiley:. Love it!


It’s called “Shark vs. Zombie Beaver” The Avalanche, Bear vs. Man and Borealis are the 3 I remember it releasing on.


It’s up for trade…

(Josiah Lyons) #304

my main two are the yotricks sage, and the magic yoyo n11 but I have a couple of butterflies, imperials, and a wooden one. :slight_smile:


A little.late today, but the big fun! Really fun, can’t tell if mine is stripped or it just doesn’t tighten all the way. Either way, it’s a really fun throw and can handle anything I throw at it except grinds.


It’s built that way. It’s a new thing Duncan is trying. Basically if your yo-yo is vibing, then just tighten it and it might be a bit smoother. And, you can’t strip it!


It is impossible to strip? How so?


Oh awesome! I wasn’t sure haha


Bought a couple of these today:

I got an orange one and a red one. Orange one kind of sucks. The gap is noticeably wider and it binds like a wet noodle. I practically needed to double wrap it if I didnt want to do an unresponsive bind, but now that it is double wrapped it doesnt sleep as long as id like. The red one plays fantastic. Ive heard before that Butterflys can vary in quality, but I didnt think it would be this obvious. I thought it was more of a time period degradation than anything else.


Mine doesn’t screw all the way, as if it’s stripped. I’m not sure exactly how it works but it’s I can basically screw it as many times as I want and it won’t get locked in like other yoyos do when they’re screwed together


I don’t know. That’s what Remy Baskin told me.


The yoyo that got me back into the hobby, a gift from my sister for Christmas in 2017, thought I would have my last bit of time with it before passing it on soon to a new thrower, I have it get up super responsive