What are you throwing in 2019?

(Thomas Bellotti) #247

Starting to build a decent collection.

18 Banshee
Motor City Mitten
Purple line

Got a few more on the mail. A Joyride, a Top Deck, and a Knight & Gale, and a Borealis 2. All but the Borealis should be here by tomorrow.

The worst part is I still feel the need to buy so many more haha. I gotta stop browsing these forums they’re killing me

(Justin ) #248

Blue and Black. Classy.

(Thomas Bellotti) #249

Thanks dude. I love the gloss black banshee. Like 80% of my clothing is black so it’s kinda my thing. Was so stoked to scoop this thing. I’m just scared to play it as much as I want to for fear of some terrible string snapping freak accident lol

(Thomas Bellotti) #250

Aaaaaannnnddddd just pulled the trigger on another banshee since I made my last post.

Someone save me from myself please


(Thomas Bellotti) #252

Yes. This ^^^

That’s exactly the voice in my head.

Oh look, it’s a really cool yoyo you’ve been interested in. You’ve read good things. And you do like that colorway.

But I already have quite a few yoyos. And I suck. A lot. Getting yet another expensive yoyo isn’t going to make me suck any less. I don’t really need it

Then Palpatine comes along…


My birthday throws


The man… the myth… THE LEGEND

(ClockMonsterLA) #255

Been throwing my teal VTWO lately:


I prefer the purple VTWO, myself.

(ClockMonsterLA) #257

I had the purple one in rotation last week.


That’s me :sweat_smile::grin:

(Choncworth) #259

The other day, throwing my VTWO.

Sister visiting from Istanbul, gave her some yoyos to start with. Cadence, SFSF, and a Yeti.

Taught her how to bind.

She’s off to a good start!


Bliss by SF Yoyos

(Christopher Dougherty) #261

That is beautiful!!!


thanks dude! this colorway is really easy to photograph cuz it goes well with many objects and backgrounds :blush:

(Christopher Dougherty) #263

You’re welcome!! That is amazing looking, do not throw that outside!! Hahaha

(Ken) #264

awesome picture


cheers dude!


Ohyesyo Lust!

Sent to me by a somewhat fantastic forum member. It is the first bimetal I have ever thrown too, I have just been throwing it around before having to head off for work this morning, it is so very very nice!