What are you throwing, 2022?

Can’t stop throwing blurple




5A ZG OG…Winglet with CW by @DedHed

Want to win one of these costum CW check out the 5A challenge FTY is hosting here.




Nice to see the winglet in action!

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My Typical Mono-Metal Monday has turned in to a Mowl Monday with Polycarbonate and Pom included. Today’s Desk 5

@mowlkenta @mowl


How do you like the new polycarbonate highwall? I really want to pick one up at some point.


Mowl is taking machined polycarbonate to the next level with the new High Wall 2022. It feels and plays big like a Replay Pro or Yeti 2.0 and has some presence, but its light and smooth with a premium finish. Awesome regenerator as it’s gap feels a tad tighter than Hybrid’s playing with Golden Mowl Kitty Fat. I think everyone is going to want one of these as it has such a summer Yo-Yo vibe to it. I’ll be looking forward to what Mowl does with machined polycarbonate in the future for sure.


Thinkin’ big.

If someone were to ask me, “hey, what’s the big idea?” I’d send 'em straight to this post.


This week’s desk lineup.

Contact/Dang 2/Khuno/Pharaoh/Bounce


Yo you gotta put that 168g Yoyo down bro :laughing: the last thing I want you to do is to do some shoot the moon action with that thing :rofl:

Do you have a preference for the Highwall or hybrid? Mowl plastics keep tempting me but I’m just not sure if they’re worth the price.

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Hybrid plays more on the performance spectrum and it doesn’t feel as big as the specs would lead you, its more like a Mod 44 with that POM dampening, but a machined plastic core. High Wall 2022 plays big and light, it feels like a plastic and has a similar finish as the SF PLSTC, but is an oversized Mowl High Wall shape, which is very similar to the Panorama / Diorama.

High Wall 2022 and Hybrid play very different from each other, even though they share the same hub and spacers. Hybrid gives me CLYW Chief vibes, with the inner rim and shape.


I popped in a fully greased up pixel bearing because, well, because I wanted to try it responsive.

Firecracker is probably the best word to describe the experience. Super fun, very dangerous.

I imagine STM would be pretty easy, the feel of the throw on the string is unreal. That’s not a lot of reward for a whole lot of risk though. 168g is the same weight as a hockey puck and I’ve taken just a few of those to the face/head/name your spot. It’ll probably still happen again but I try my pretty hardest to avoid unintentional contact with 168g objects :yum:

I’ll say, throwing it for a couple minutes and then switching makes the Squatch feel like it’s made out of helium and can approach light speed.


5 Aitch today…


Have a great day & enjoy the throw!



I love the Aitch for 5A, how are you liking it?

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i got it about 20 minutes ago and just threw the counterweight on it.

first impressions are very good. i like the weight and the stability of this “hard H” shape.

i’ll have to keep testing though, just to be sure… :grin:



Oh ha, gotcha. Didn’t know it was still fresh. It’s a lovely color. Definitely stable, feels very fun flipping through the air too.

Agreed, better keeping testing to be on the safe side!

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After a week with only my Icarus and Deep State in Barcelona (and not much time to throw lol). Its nice to come home to the Alliance and Weekender FS (the top 2 atm).


Favorite yoyos, favorite game. I hope you’re having fun @bheinz63

Anybody else playing 5A this month should join in on the trick-a-week thread! It’s some good motivation to improve at 5A this month. I’ve been working on trying to figure out Mach 5A including the cool split bottom mount entry this week.