What are ya selling, stranger?

What are ya selling, stranger?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around a lot for these throws. If you have any of these gems send me a PM. I’m a big fan of quality, but let’s be real these guys are gonna be hard to find regardless. I’m willing to pay a decent amount for any of these. I have some trades, but I’d rather just pay for them using Paypal.

CLYW-Avalanche(any colorway)

CLYW-Gnarwhal(any colorway)

CLYW-BvM(any colorway)

CLYW-Dune(beach party colorway)

CLYW/OD-7 Summits(any colorway)


OneDrop-Format C(Ayame Edition-Purple/White/Black)

G2-Wolf(any colorway)

VsNYYC-Battousai(pink/purple swirl)


Luftvurk/CLYW-Tundra(AMS 2488/non FG)


Green executive on Facebook (Yoyo BST &Talk)

Pm sent on beach party dune

i still have the executive

Hi I also purchased one of the YYF Mystery boxes and I received a blue pivot and would prefer a red one. We could possibly work out an exchange if you are interesed.