Werrd Repeater Contest: Logan Willis

Tell me what you think!

Dig it!

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Thanks dude!

Anyone else have any thoughts? ideas? what to improve on? What sucked? what didn’t? heh.

Also I’m down for tutorials. Just let me know which trick you want and I’ll do it! :smiley:

Regarding improvements: in general, I dislike repeaters that end in trapese and just repeat without any real linkage. The first is a prime case of this. I also found the overhand hook one a bit icky right at the end/beginning. Other than that, they were pretty snazzy, especially the regenerations and stalls. I’m a sucker for those.

Edit: Also, dogs!

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<3 ya Pat!

yeah I’m actually pretty new to repeaters. Only been doing them for about a month. This contest actually peaked my interest in them. I’ve always loved regenerations and stalls, so repeating those just came as common sense to me.

Thanks for the input though!

man that was great.just keep it up

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Thanks! :smiley: Will do!