Werrd Presents: The MINUTE Minute Series

Hey everyone!

We’re starting a new series featuring our soon to be recently released yo-yo the MINUTE 2k13.
We’ll start off with some of our team members showing off what we can do in a minute with the MINUTE and (hopefully) in the future feature some of you guys!

You can get a minute Here at yoyoexpert!

Episode 1: Logan Willis

Episode 2: Alex Curfman

Episode 3: Jacob Jensen

Episode 4: Wilson Van Gundy

Episode 5: Ky Zizan

Episode 6: Ed Haponik

Episode 7: CJ Atkinson

I’ll keep you updated when we release a new video in the series!

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Super good!

A minute worth of minute? Hmm… Where did I put that little thing… :slight_smile:

MINUTE Minute Episode 2 is live

In this episode we have Team member Alex Curfman killing it.

Long time no update! We’ve progressed quite a bit on this series!

We’re all the way up to episode 7!

In this episode we have Crucial team member CJ Atkinson making a guest appearance!